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(Another) Idiot Abroad: London markets


It’s 28°C in London today but it feels like 32°C. Unlike Melbourne where the heat is filtered through seaside winds and sprawling suburbs, London’s sun exposure and lack of wind seems to prevail, with the help of those dense, concrete buildings. It’s a Saturday in July, so the city is teeming with both tourists and locals. There’s a concert in Hyde Park (including The Rolling Stones and Elton John!) as well as other live concerts in Carnaby Street, and markets are popping up everywhere. There are crowds everywhere today – people sunbathing in the gardens, dancing to the live music, perusing through the department stores.


Portobello Markets

I was in Notting Hill this morning, so I wandered (or pushed, due to the large crowds) through the Portobello Markets. I was at first a bit overwhelmed as I hadn’t any water on me and I also hadn’t had a coffee after a rough night’s sleep – the crowds didn’t make me feel any better about that. I stopped for a brief coffee and journeyed back into the markets. Feeling refreshed, I was drawn into an antique book store with more vintage encyclopaedias, Ancient Greek literature, and copies of Shakespeare’s complete works than you could imagine. I love vintage books more than vintage clothes. I love book stores even more than department stores. I find that book shopping takes much less effort than clothes shopping, and it’s so much more peaceful. No one is eyeing off what you have your sights on, and you can just take a moment to read parts of the book before you buy it (people look at you strangely if you stare at the dress you’re deciding on for too long).
Books on books on books at the Portobello Markets

Books on books on books at Portobello

I don’t have much room in my suitcase, and I still have three more weeks of travelling to do, so I have to be pretty conservative with my purchases – I didn’t buy any of the books. However, I set my (short-sighted, FYI) eyes on a beautiful magnifying glass with a pearl handle. It was only £10, so I bought it with an almost maniacal grin on my face. Chuffed! I also purchased an Italian leather bag (£35) in royal blue for my future travels (particularly in Rome) and some burnt caramel coloured glasses for £5.

Treasures from the Portobello Markets

Treasures from the Portobello Markets

Let me have it in writing that Portobello Markets are far superior to the Camden Markets!


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